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<i>Classroom <a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Library & Main Building <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Beauty Art Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i> Life Education Center <i><a href='/'>in Seokyeong University</a></i>

Why SKU?

This is Seokyeong University!!

SKU is a small but strong university in this global era by realizing the future image as ‘Global Strong Small University’ and it strives for the global, high-tech, practical and special education for advancing the global human resources.

Our Passion

SKU undertakes the systematic and physical support and passion to develop global human resources.

  • SKU has been steadily undertaken for revision of education process, new opening of promising courses, and exchanges with overseas universities to fit into the global era.
    1. With respect to the globalization, Department of Global Business Administration was newly established as well as newly opened for Division of Business Administration (Finance/Accounting) with Southern New Hampshire University for dual-degree program, Department of Beauty Arts with Chichester Royal University of the GB for dual-degree program and UTP for dual-degree program in nano technology convergence.
    2. With respect to the high technology, the Nano Research Center was established and joint master’s degree program was opened for the graduate school on Nano bio-engineering and South Dakota State University, and the robot major field of the IT department undertakes the program to grant the joint degree by supporting the operation program for Department of Robot for Lim Ko Kwing University of Malaysia.
    3. In relation to the practicality, Department of Military Studies, Department of Economics and Finance, Division of Public Human Resources are newly established.
  • SKU implements the language intense (concentration) education under the global era.
    1. All students of Department of Global Business Administration are required English as first major and select one from Japanese, Chinese, French and Russian to take the second major as the multiple major system, and together with the practical languages to facilitate in international business immediately to have the business curriculum to develop the language competency, and through the relevant curriculum related to the area studies opened each semester to heightened understanding on the area for applicable language.
    2. SNHU dual-degree program has the major classes in English to provide students with the major knowledge as well as opportunity for language training in the US locality as well as the class completion for seasonal semester to improve the major competency and English competency and advance the insight to look into the global market through it.
    3. Chichester Royal University of GB dual-degree program for the Department of Beauty Arts implements the intense English education in the morning of each semester and undertakes the local training with Chichester University during the vacation period to grant the opportunity of acquiring the license.

Our Facilities

In order to develop global human resources, SKU has equipped with the newest research, education facilities and equipment.

  • By opening the high-tech Library(Academic Information Center), it has prepared the birth place of global human resource development.
    1. By establishing the high-tech facilities in the 6-story underground and 10-story on the ground for a total area of approximately 51,000m2, students are able to develop their dreams as global human resources.
    2. By preparing the exclusive space for overseas students and exchange students, the convenience is provided for them to fulfill their dream at SKU.
  • For the IT related departments, Bukak Building has been remodeled as the newest research and education facilities, and depending on the specialization strategy, each department has strengthened even more of practical major education for experience and lab-oriented in-depth education as well as the basic major education.
  • Engineering Education Research Center was established to research the demand-based engineering education model, and it has developed employment specialization program related to the industrial entities by providing major and corporate on-site education, internship program operation and others.
  • KEN(Korea Environment and Nano) Center was established with the purpose of undertaking the basic research on nano industrial technology field as the core technology to lead the 21st century, development of technology on its application as well as pertinent researches, and SKU was selected as the institution to undertake as ‘World Class University' as implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to place efforts to be global level for education and research competitiveness of SKU through attracting and facilitating well-respected outstanding scholars from overseas.
  • The Division of Design of the College of Arts is equipped with the computer graphic lab for the practice of 2D, 3D, and moving picture design, studio to film the advertisement and photo filming, and lab for textile digital printing. The Division of Music and the Department of Dance Arts use the practice room for each major and concert hall as the exclusive space, and the Department of Theatre and Film operates high-tech digital movie editing room and small theater for drama performance. In addition, the Department of Beauty Arts has the practice room for skin skull management, makeup and hair for use.
  • All lecture rooms are equipped with Internet network and multi-media system to undertake efficient classes, and by structuring the U-campus, it could be connected to the Internet anywhere on the campus to have the e-learning and administrative service.
  • For welfare facilities, there are sufficient services provided for school constituents by having the facilities of golf practice range, SPA, sauna, book store, print shop, bank, postal service, travel agency, cafe, store, health office, cafeteria, indoor gymnasium, green ground, large scale parking lot (1,500 parking spaces), restroom and others.

Our Future

Future of SKU people will be lightened in the world.

  • SNHU dual-degree program alumni members acquire joint degree in SKU and Southern New Hampshire University to complete the MBA program or acquire the US CPA license to gain employment or advance to graduate school anywhere in the world.
  • Department of Global Business Administration is to develop business specialists to undertake the role as the global human resource to assert practical competence in the fields of international trading, translation and interpretation services, lecturer, hotel management, travel, tour and others.
  • Student who completed the dual-degree program from Chichester Royal University of GB may acquire the National Certificate in Hairdressing from the GB and Higher National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Science and BA in Beauty Therapy Management degree. Therefore, the student may gain employment in entire world of English speaking country as specialized beautician and may walk the path as the education specialist after advancing to a graduate school.
  • College of Natural Science and Engineering develops the convergence and integration-type human resources to have the Department of IT to be a part of the IT super power, and the nano related department may advance to the field that generates the new growth engine and national advancement in industry, research institute, and academic fields.

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