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Affiliated Research Institutes

Institute of Liberal Arts

Institute of Liberal Arts, established in 1981 for the purpose of academic research in the Humanities, carries out studies in linguistics, literature, philosophy, and history, and holds seminars and special lectures.

Institute of Social Science

This institute strives to contribute to the development of social science and national policies by doing research in the fields of social science (law, public administration, economics, management, etc.). It has been publishing the Journal of Social Science and holding academic seminars.

Institute of Industry & Business Administration

This institute contributes to the development of the local community and the national economy through theoretical and practical studies in management, economics, trade and accounting and promotes cooperation between industry and the university. In addition to research affairs, the institute advises industry and holds seminars.

The Korean-Japanese Cultural Center

The center is dedicated to doing research on Japanese regions as a whole. Specifically, the research covers the field of liberal arts and social science which include Japanese language, Japanese literature, Japanese culture and Japanese economics. The purpose of this institute is to contribute to the growths of studies on Japanese regions. The research organization is comprised of departments of Japanese Language, Japanese Literature, Japanese Studies which, in connection with one another, carry out a systemic research on Japanese regions. For its annual activities, the center holds academic seminars, publishes academic journals, collects and organizes research data and makes academic exchanges with other Korean and foreign universities and research institutes.

Institute of Industrial Technology

The institute concentrates on the basic theories of industrial technology and the development of related fields. The center is dedicated to sharing information on the latest technology and promoting collaborative research by inviting experts from various fields including companies, research institutes and universities and holding seminars In addition, in order to share research findings, it publishes journals on a regular basis.

Urban Research Center

The purpose of this center is to study the overall aspects in relation to urban planning, architecture and civil engineering. The research domain is divided into three major fields: 1) specific academic fields which belong to each academic domain 2) academic domain combined of these engineering fields 3) law system needed to practice the findings in engineering field. By carrying out multilateral research activities, the center is trying to promote constant development of basic sciences and find the realistic engineering solutions to the overall problems arising in urban and regional areas.

Institute of Unification Affairs

Reunification affairs may be largely classified into affairs prior to reunification and those after it. The former deals with methodology as to how to achieve reunification of the South and the North; the latter deals with practical matters regarding how to bridge the political, administrative, economic, cultural and social differences between the South and the North. The institute aims to explore ways of achieving reunification through such projects as the publication of scholarly journals, regular seminars and special lectures by experts in the area.

The Student Guidance CenterWebsite

In order to provide efficient assistance for the growth of the character of students, training of intellectual ability, and cultivation of strong capabilities for more meaningful life, the center is providing the students with personal and group counseling, psychological examinations and special lectures as well as investigating the actual states of students. In personal counseling, personality, social relationship, sex and future career are dealt with. Group programs cover enhancement of social relationship, test anxiety, expressing oneself with clarity, sensitivity training, self-assertion training, healthy and happy romantic relationship, growth of oneself and self-control. Psychological examinations consist of Personality Test, Multiple Personality Inventory(MMPI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), Sentence Completion Test, Career Exploration Test, Vocational Cards, Intelligence Test, Thematic Apperception Test and Rorschach test.

Philosophical Thought Center

The center was established in 2001 with the purpose of studying Western and Eastern, traditional and contemporary philosophical thought. The institute is especially interested in the connection of theory and practice, which is one of the educational objectives of Seokyeong University. The institute has as its members professors of various branches of the Humanities and periodically holds colloquiums to promote the study of various problems raised in contemporary society.

Quality Academy

The purpose of the Quality Academy Institute is to contribute to the strengthening of the competitiveness of industry on markets. The center focuses on research for developing diagnostic programs which can check competitiveness and consulting and training programs based on the diagnostic results. In addition, it develops a quality engineering method tools which can be transmitted to industrial fields. In particular, it has supported running Six Sigma MBA program since 2005. As members of Quality Academy, they are actively participating in presenting research and on-site consulting.

Institute of Military Study

The institute aims to achieve the academic goal of cultivating professional soldiers and military experts who can sensitively and responsibly meet the current changes of nation’s security conditions as well as those after the realization of unification. Through comprehensive research on military studies and military matters, the institute endeavors to promote the Korean Army and school-army collaboration, contributing to the development of our nation.

KEN(Korea Environment and Nano) Center

The purpose of the center is to carry out overall research and basic studies on the applications of nanotechnology, which is foreseen to be one of the major technologies in the 21st century. In addition, by fusing it together with environmental studies, the centers aims to develop new environmental technology which will bring benefit environmental friendly and higher value added activities.

Affiliated Organizations


The Library of the university provides academic information resources and services for the faculty members and students in support of their instruction and research activities. At present, the library exchanges books, documents, and relevant materials with other universities and research institutes in Korea and abroad. Moreover, having acquired an up-to-date ubiquitous system which enables users to excess information anywhere, anytime, the Library is successfully carrying out its role as a future-oriented digital information provider that meets the demand of 21 century digital information world.

Publishing Division

The Publishing Division endeavors the development of our university and the education environment of Korea through academic research books, periodicals and textbooks in our university, affiliated institutes including research institutes.

Seokyeong University PressWebsite

The University Press endeavors to practice the basic mission as a university newspaper based on the spirit of university foundation and to activate the university culture, academic stimulation and information function.

if you want to know about SKPress more. Please click this link.

Broadcasting StationWebsite

The Broadcasting Station contributes to the delivery of knowledge, speech stimulation, fast and correct reporting, emotional education, and the study and development of broadcasting technology.

Computer CenterWebsite

The Computer Center specializes in computer education, assists professors doing research, and computerizes the university’s administrative work. The center plans to expand the size of the university’s local area network and computer resources in order to operate cutting-edge systems such as cyber university, electronic library and to promote information-oriented paradigm. In addition, by maximizing the advancement of electronic environment through cooperation with the supercomputer centers at home and abroad, the center is actively coping with the 21st century information revolution.

Center for Teaching and Learning(CTL)Website

CTL is dedicated to researching and developing new pedagogical methods in order to help students to learn more efficiently. Its research uses a variety of educational materials including ways to utilize different communication media to improve the overall quality of the learning experience.

Social Service Center

Social Service Center’s objective is to realize the ideal of “the Hongik Man(devotion to the welfare of mankind)” and the heart of the educational goal, “wisdom, generosity, and courage.” It set its sights on creating and nurturing an altruistic university culture that is dedicated to embodying love for one’s school, community, country and humanity.

One Stop Service Center

In order to actively respond to the process of globalization and the opening of the education market in the 21st century, the university has opened the One Stop Service Center. The Center is in charge of providing information on academic affairs, student affairs, job openings, and announcements as well as issuing academic documents. The center provides students with a variety of information, contributes to improving administrative efficiency, and strives for prompt processing for users’ convenience.

Health CenterWebsite

The Health Center offers students, staff and faculty members health care, health counseling and health education. Medical treatment is provided by a designated hospital through the Health Center.
  • Health counseling
  • Preventing and promoting awareness about contagious diseases
  • Distributing parasiticide, giving out first-aid medicine
  • After giving fist aid, evacuating patients to a collaborating hospital
  • Other issues related to university health care

Human Resource Development CenterWebsite

The center provides a variety of programs and counseling related to job hunting and career decision-making for both registered students and those who have graduated. In addition, the center provides students with information on the skills needed to become competitive and competent in their chosen careers so they are always ready to meet the demands of the job market.

University and Industry Collaboration CenterWebsite

The purpose of the center is to enhance the competitiveness of the university in today’s knowledge-based society, in compliance with the “Promotion of Industry Education and Collaboration between University and Industry Act”. This is accomplished by reinforcing the research function of the university, by supporting and developing university-centered collaboration between the university and industry, and by exploring ways to utilize the university’s resources more transparently and efficiently.

ROTC(Reserve Officers Training Corps)Website

With an aim to cultivate military officers who are equipped with military knowledge and experience along with the completion of major, the center selects students who exhibit outstanding abilities during university years and provides 2-year education on military knowledge, basic skills and leadership.

Engineering Education Research Center

In order to advance engineering education, the center is in charge of researching and developing education programs and other general tasks such as building education systems to raise engineers who meet the international standards as well as operating and supporting certificate programs in engineering education.

Main Office

Office of Planning Affairs (Planning/Academic Research/International Affairs/ Budget Adjustment/Promotion)

The office of Planning Affairs is in charge of planning(general planning of development, preparing general evaluation of university and departments, controlling admission quota, human resource administration, making and altering regulations), international affairs(exchange programs with foreign universities, dispatching/accepting exchange students, development fund), budget adjustment(supporting the planning and executing of university budge), and promotion(advertising, writing documents, publishing university bulletin and promotional brochures and producing all kinds of promotional materials domestically and internationally in order to promote the steadily growing university effectively). The office draws up plans and gives guidance to the step-by-step directions in order to pursue them.

Office of Academic Affairs (Academics/Admission/classes)

The Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of dealing with admission requirements needed for freshmen, transferred students and part-time students, making(operating) education programs by planning the management of academic affairs, transferring credits with other domestic universities, managing students’ academic records as well as administering classes. It is making efforts to provide students with a better education environment which is necessary for them to excel from their freshman year to senior year.

Office of Student Affairs (Students/Scholarship/Reserve Army)

The Office of Student Affairs is providing general administrative services such as student advising and counseling concerning university life, scholarship issue, student volunteering, promotion of health and welfare and student activities. With an aim to cultivate talented leaders equipped with wisdom, benevolence and valor, the office is making a constant effort to guide students to a university life and culture that are rewarding and fulfilling.

Office of General Affairs (General Affairs/Accounting)

The Office of General Affairs is in charge of filling the needs of each department, sending and receiving documents, making preparation for events, dealing with equipment needed for training or research, ensuring security, managing finance so that it is distributed properly. The accounting division is in charge of receiving tuition and other kinds of income, keeping annual expenditures and settling accounts.

Construction Headquarters (Construction)

The Construction Headquarter is in charge of operating and maintaining all kinds of facilities. By maintaining and looking after appliances and equipment, the headquarters is making efforts to develop better educational environment.
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